Game On!Youth sports is an international Alliance For Youth sports, initiative that provides children around the wo
rld with opportunities to participate in healthy sports activities at s
chool,after-school and community levels.Through Game On!Youth Sports children are receiving sports equipments,participaing in prog
rams covering a wide range of sports and are developing the basic
skills needed to play them.Furthermore,the program allows children
who have a desire to continue on with their athletic careers to do so.An important component of Game On! is its focus on educating children to make healthier lifestyle decisions.IAYS and Game On! Yo
uth Sports believes by doing so children will not be as likely to reso
rt to drug or alcohol abuse,have their lives ruined by HIV/AIDS,or suffer from the serious health issues associated with obesity and sedentary lifestyles.
The main objective of IAYS and its initiative,Game On!Youth Sports
is to provide a forum for youth sports administrators,educators and others worldwide to convene and discus pertinent topics and research related to organized out of school sport and activity for children.The program strives to achieve;
a)Proper sports skills introduction in early childhood.
b)Educating volunteers on proper coaching skills.
c)Educating parents in appropriate sporting behaviors.
d)Research on current child physical,emotional,mental,social and development stages through sports and activities.
e)Promoting the value sports can bring to the overall development of children.
f)Creating physical activity options as an alternative to the lack of
physical education in schools.
g)Addressing the issues of obesity and fitness of children


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